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OPifex Entertainment (4/28/2012)
OPifex Enterainment is a independant game development studio based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Founded by Kirk Roerig, Ryan Wilson, and myself.

We are a small team of dedicated game developers who strive to create games that are worth talking about. We have fresh ideas, with hopes to pierce the standard gaming mentality and deliver products that truly give our players a unique experience. We dubbed ourselves OPifex not only because of our creative, unique game design, but also our exploration into new technologies and techniques that really make our games shine.

OPifex Entertainment Website
Casting Pigeon (10/20/2011)
Casting Pigeon delivers casting positions to their customers through SMS messages in the Los Angeles, California area. I built their back end SMS service, connected them with PayPal, set up their database scheme, and designed a large portion of the front end form design.
Due to legal implications, the site was taken down, I keep an example of the page on the server. (This is a non-functioning version, design only) Casting Pigeon Link
Media Queue (08/20/2011)
Media Queue allows the user to queue up and/or mark watched episodes of tv shows. This allows for easy tracking of where you are in a season, find information on the show, and get links to individual episodes.
Media Queue Link
Social Pixels (08/13/2011)
Social Pixels is an HTML5 sample that allows for the color modification of individual squares. Blocks colored by other users are automatically updated live, while also being persistent on the server. This creates a very social image creation process.
Social Pixels Link
Hammer Time (05/01/2011)
Participated in the Ludum Dare 20 Challenge. Which is a 48 hour game development competition.
The theme was - It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!
Download Installer
Download Zip (Requires XNA 4.0 Framework)
XBox 360 to Mouse/Keyboard (04/30/2011)
Makes your XBox 360 controller into a Mouse/Keyboard.
Download Installer
Grant Public Schools (04/20/2011)
Created a full custom Content Management System for Grant Public Schools.
Unique Points
  • Integrated with Active Directory & Exchange Server
  • Uses ASP.net and SQL Server as the backend
  • Full page/calendar management dashboard within the site
Website Link
Brittlynn Rose Photography (02/16/2011)
An updated layout of the Brittlynn Rose Photography website. Brittlyn Rose Photography is run in Grant, MI by Brittlynn VanSingel
Website Link
ODBC Viewer (07/13/2010)
A Small WPF Application to view ODBC Databases. Makes it simple to view the data in your ODBC Databases, and provides simple filtering.
Requires the .Net Framework 4.0
Download Program
VOA Repair Website (05/27/2010)
Website for the Visions Of Afar Computer Repair and Web Design business. http://www.voarepair.com
DX10 Deferred Shading (04/28/2010)
This application uses a technique called Deferred Shading. This process renders a 3D scene to GBuffers which store the attributes of the pixels in a RenderTarget. These RenderTargets are then used as a Post Process effect to calculate lighting on a per pixel basis rather than the traditional per vertex basis.
Download Program
Download Source
Houghton Game Jam 2010 - GDC Networkers (04/04/2010)
This game was created in 24 hours for the Houghton Game Jam of 2010. My team consisted of myself and Celes Chang who did all of the artwork.

Youtube Link
Game Download
Cryptography Encrypt/Decrypt (02/10/2010)
For my Cryptography class at Michigan Tech I built a small application to encrypt and decrypt cryptography ciphers. Currently it solves the Shift Cipher, Hill Cipher, Affine Cipher, and the Substitution Cipher. Each cipher logs its process giving a step by step procedure showing the work completed. It was created with C# and therefore requires the .net framework 2.0+ to be installed.

Download Program
Download Source
OpenGL Lighting (02/09/2010)
For my Advanced Computer Graphics class at Michigan Tech we were asked to create a program that displayed some common problems with lighting. This is my interpretation of the exercise which is almost identical in function as the educational tool PBR-Tutor. It uses MFC and OpenGL written with C++.

Download Program
Download Source
VOA Tutorials (01/25/2010)
Created the layout and backend for the VOA Tutorials website. Uses Asp.net/C# with an SQL database for the tutorials. http://www.visionsofafar.com/tutorials
Network Share Notifier (01/15/2010)
I created an application for Windows that scans any network share that you want, grabs the file information in descending order of earliest creation time on the file. The program will then pop up a notification every time a new file is added to the network share (scans at a designated interval). You can then open the file from the program or leave it until later.
Download Program
Jack n' George (10/31/2009)
This game was created for the xna7day game competition.
Jack is always running off getting into trouble and George is always having to run off and catch him!
Music : Kevin McLeod

Youtube Link
Game Download
Brittlynn Rose Photography (10/14/2009)
Created the layout and backend for the Brittlynn Rose Photography website. Uses Asp.net/C# with an SQL database for the photo galleries. http://www.brittlynnrose.com/
Rough Edges Editor (07/29/2009)
The Rough Edges Editor is a full featured XNA based Level Editor that is still under development.
Features :
  • Saving/Loading XML Files
  • Un's Manipulator Control
  • Asset [.fx;.x;.fbx;.png;.bmp;.jpg;.dds] Building (Realtime)
  • C# Code Scripting (Realtime)
  • Particle Effects
  • Multi-Textured Terrain
  • Vegetation
  • Animated Skinned Models with Blended Animation
Youtube Link
Download Source
Houghton Game Jam (04/04/2009)
The website was built from the ground up with Asp.net/C# and an SQL Database.
I ran the Houghton Game Jam of 2009 and 2010, which is a 24 hour event consisting of contestants competeting to build the best game of three categories all based on a single theme.

Friendly Fire (03/12/2009)
This is a White Listed file sharing program developed by myself and a group of friends.

C# Wave Library (10/21/2008)
A library built for the .net Framework to take care of the needs of dynamic wave file creation.
Modifies the byte array in a wave file and outputs to a .wav file.

Was used by : evol76 on CodeProject

Download Library
Fight Space (04/03/2008)
Built for the Houghton Game Jam of 2007. This was my first attempt at creating a full 3D game and it took me 24 hours.

Youtube Link
Download Game
Inventory Web Application (07/28/2007)
Built for the Grant Public Schools tech department. Uses Asp.net/C# and a SQL Database.
Was built in 2006-2007.

Inventory App (U : Demo P: Demo)